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The business gives a three month guarantee / warranty on laptops and computers unless it is sold as parts or needs to be repaired. It is important that you keep your receipt in a safe place as this is your proof of purchase and the date bought.  If something goes wrong with your laptop, the defect part(s) will be covered by the warranty. You will still be responsible for shipping and labour.  If the defected part(s) has been caused by mishandling, dropping or damage caused by a third party you will have to pay for the part(s), labour and shipping.  If the damage is caused by extenuating circumstances such as water damage due to pipes bursting you will need to claim on your home / business insurance.  Please note software is not covered. 

We do offer a 30-day refund policy however this only applies to laptops and computers that have not been used.  The item will be checked in-store to confirm that it hasn’t been used before a refund is given.  The refund given is as a shop credit note to be used within the shop.  

How long a particular product should last cannot be laid down by law because there are too many variables to consider, including the build quality, and how often and under what conditions it’s used.

The right to reject products doesn't apply to digital products such as games, music, apps, books etc. which you buy and download - unless they are defective or unfit for purpose. It's down to the retailer to decide if you can cancel and have a refund.  Amazon, for example, allows you to cancel e-book purchases if you act quickly.

You have no legal right to return an item if you’ve simply changed your mind or your circumstances have changed.

RPS Web Design Ltd cannot be made to comply with this type of agreement unless our terms and conditions of sale, which you have accepted, specifically include the right to return unwanted products. You can either look on your receipt, on our website, on a notice in-store, or you can call its customer service line to check the details of the policy.